Introduction to Lecture Capture and Media Management 2017

This is short introduction to Lecture Capture and Media Management at the University of Leeds. It is most relevant for new staff to the University who wish to understand the concept of lecture capture; the four different types of recording; reviewing; editing; publishing and sharing content. The recording has been updated in Spring 2017 to reflect the changes in auto-publishing and external publishing. If you don't know the differences between scheduled capture, ad-hoc capture, personal capture and mobile capture then this will be useful for you to watch. Throughout the recording we recommend you select the i bottom right hand corner of the media player. This will give you a list of web resources that you can visit to support you in your exploration of Lecture Capture and Media Management. These resources are referred to in the recording. If you would like this resource in a different format or if you have any further queries or comments on this recording please contact Beth Snowden in Organisational Development and Professional Learning at the University of Leeds. For technical support or advice on all aspects of lecture capture and media management email