ITS International Alumni Seminar “Logistics and Freight Transportation" presented by Syed Rahman, MSc Transport Planning 2013 and MA Transport Economics 2014.
Logistics is an invisible force of the economy. It truly moves the economy as it moves goods and cargo across the country and the sea. The field has grown into a multi-billion industry and has been ever growing and transforming itself to take on new challenges, the latest being the Covid-19. In developing countries, it is growing even faster and is transforming their economies in many ways as the big players set up their activity hubs in those countries. Logistics is also directly linked to the foreign trade performance of a country and its infrastructure development. Logistics sector is a big employer and is open to various domain expertise – from engineering to information technology to management, data scientists, transport and planning. The sector is also a route for foreign direct investments and directly impacts the GDP.
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6/29/2020 9:30:42 AM

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