ITS International Alumni Seminar “Tactical Urbanism/Innovating Streets” presented by Courtney Groundwater, MSc (Eng) Transport Planning and Engineering, 2013
Tactical (or Guerilla) urbanism has taken off in recent years internationally. It has also had a heightened presence on our streets recently to support social distancing as part of the fight against COVID-19. Tactical urbanism is an umbrella term for any project that seeks to use quick, lower-cost and temporary techniques to deliver positive people-centred changes to streets. In New Zealand the Government has recently launched a new 'Innovating Streets Fund' (unrelated to COVID), which seeks to change how we deliver urban transport projects and enables a 'design-by-trial' approach to getting interventions right before we spend large sums of money. This presentation will cover my experience and learnings in the tactical urbanism space and seek to inspire a different approach to delivery.
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8/12/2020 9:00:08 AM

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