Metahand with Reconfigurable Palm demonstration at the Robots for Resilient Infrastructure Robotic Challenge Event 2017
Metahand, a robotic metamorphic hand, was demonstrated by a team from King's College London as part of the Robots for Resilient Infrastructure Robotic Challenge Event that took place on 27 to 28 June at Weetwood Hall, Leeds. The event in UK Robotics Week 2017 showcased the current state-of-the-art of robotics for infrastructure through a packed programme of talks and demonstrations. It brought together over 80 academics, industry, policy makers and stakeholders to explore the use of robotics in the creation, inspection, repair and maintenance of critical infrastructure. The metahand's shape changing ability was inspired by origami folding and enables the hand to perform more sophisticated grasping and manipulation tasks. It also allows the robotic hand to be fully folded to pass through tight spaces. Here Jie Sun shows the hand in action and talks about the value of attending the Robotics Challenge Event.
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8/11/2017 2:26:44 PM

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