15. Close race or done deal?
What do the political experts expect the result of the 2015 election to be and what are the key factors that could determine the final outcome? In this video Victoria looks ahead to the possible results of the 2015 election. What do the polls currently predict the outcome to be? And with a 3% margin of error, how far can we rely upon what the pollsters tell us? With help from a number of political observers, Victoria considers the critical factors that may determine the election’s outcome. How well are UKIP and other of the smaller parties likely to perform, and how are the three mainstream parties battling to mobilise their supporters? Most pundits are predicting a hung parliament in which no single party enjoys an overall majority. Victoria explores the range of possible coalition partnerships and asks whether anything in the last days and weeks of the campaign could upset the experts’ predictions.
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3/31/2015 9:12:36 AM

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