Bullying: strategies for staying safe
Dr Hayley Davies (University of Leeds), Fiona Benjamin and Dave Austin (Families Feeling Safe Protective Behaviours Services) have jointly informed and produced this animated video, drawing on research findings from their respective research with children and Protective Behaviours work with children, young people, and families and professionals. This is one of a series of three animations. The animations reflect story-lines that children have discussed in research accounts of their families and they are intended for children, families and for professionals to use in their safeguarding work with children and families. If you would like further information about training in the use of the animations, or resources related to the animations, please contact Fiona Benjamin (fiona@familiesfeelingsafe.co.uk) or Dave Austin (dave@familiesfeelingsafe.co.uk) or visit their website: http://familiesfeelingsafe.co.uk If you would like information about the research that informed the animations, please contact Dr Hayley Davies on h.m.davies@leeds.ac.uk
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4/28/2017 8:21:14 AM

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